Sunday, February 2, 2014

Posting to our blog

All most everyday I hear people talking about posting to their blog. And everyday I struggle with what the content of our blog should be. Looking back on some of my unpublished drafts I've noticed that what I have written is not relevant now. I wish I could go back and publish those posts. Even though those posts were about a different time of year.

Writing a blog post takes commitment, time and energy. And I want our blog to be as relevant as possible to our readers. Particularly when it comes to the direction our business is going. We are in the a bath and body industry and we want our customers, clients, friends, family and general readers to be enlightened and engaged.

From this day forward we will commit and devote time and energy to write a blog that will let you in on what we are doing. How we are doing it and where we are headed.




Catrina B. said...

I look forward to reading your posts and showing support. congrats on making that commitment.

urbanessence said...

We look forward to writing more and engaging with everyone.