Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Connecting with Customers, By Theresa & Timorhy Minor

For over 5 years we have participated in various outdoor markets, farmers markets and craft shows. We have traveled from the Philadelphia area to as far north as Connecticut and as far south as North Carolina. The greatest thing about being a vendor at various events is that we get to meet so many interesting people from the promoters of the events to the loyal customers! One of those regular customers is Robin Mastrippolito

At 10:00am every Saturday in West Chester, PA its "Market Day" at the Artisan Exchange. The Artisan Exchanged is the only indoor market of it's kind in the area. One of the wonderful things about being a vendor at the Artisan Exchange is the people that we meet. The people are friendly, well informed, artistic and most of all very supportive of the vendors. Robin has been coming to the Artisan Exchange since the market opened. She is a customer who takes her time wandering through the market to check out each and every vendor. 

Robin Mastrippolito
As makers of handcrafted luxury bath & body products we value our customers. And our customers play a huge part in our business. In many ways our customers played a role in the development of the various fragrances that we currently offer. Its customers like Robin that offers us encouragement and support. She visits us almost every weekend to buy our Gourmet Luxury Soap and she also gives us the most tastiest cupcakes and the icing is to die for!  Her cupcakes are 100% made from scratch.

Its always a pleasure connecting with people and hearing their stories. The vendors and customers have become a part of our working family. Loyal patrons like Robin Mastrippolitois is one of  the reasons we truly enjoy participating in markets and craft shows. We get to meet our customers face to face and give them the experience of our Handcrafted Luxury Bath & Body Products. This experience invigorates the human senses of touch, smell and sight. Be sure to check out our retail locations and our calendar of events for where you can meet us and purchase our products. And of course our products can always be purchased on our website.

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